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Posted by on Jan 6, 2014 in 2014, Featured, Shows and Interviews | 13 comments

Yassir Morsi on #Racism

Yassir Morsi on #Racism

What is Racism? If you search for a definition online you will find several differing opinions and sources.

Is it the angry old man on the bus who screams at the asian passenger?
Is it the young teenage girl who screams abuse at Adam Goodes?
Is it one country invading another country and decimating it under the guise of saving the brown woman from the brown man?

This episode -our first show in 2014- we discuss the meanings and manifestations of racism, its history, results, derivatives, and the Muslim context in Australia.

Our Guest today is Dr Yassir Morsi Post Doc Fellow at the Center for Muslim/ Non Muslim Understanding at the University of South Australia.
We discuss several racism related issues to racism including Islamophobia.

This show is very important for anyone wanting to gain a basic essential understanding of racism and its influences on our every day lives.

You can stream the podcast here.

Or you can download it here