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Sydney, Australia
Tuesday nights, 8pm. on QKradio

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The Presenters

Nasser Alkhateeb


Back in high school, Nasser Alkhateeb was voted least likely to become Khalifa. A man of many thoughts and an incredible capacity for fidgeting. Nasser was born in Iraq. He then lived and -through Sharia creep- was able to acquire a New Zealand citizenship, and is now living and working in Sydney.

Sarwa Abdel Raheem


Sarwa was the first ever co-host for the Alchemy. She is a lawyer by profession. Her claim to fame is that she there during the first recording of our show Friday Night Live. She was also instrumental in the name of the Alchemy.

Sarwa has since found and married the love her life. We will always remember her with affection.

Annarose Zayied


Proletariat. Adoring fan of Nigella Lawson. Unconfirmed ASIO infiltrator. Annarose in high school was voted most likely to become Khalifa. She now fills her hours with knitting like a hipster and human rights-ing.

Aamer Saari


Amer is our male cohost, which much like a male nurse, does not take anything from his masculinity.

Mystery person !


Who will be our next co host ? do you think it could be you ? contact us to find out