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Sydney, Australia
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Muslim Book Clubs

This show we go out in the field (and over the phone sometimes) to interview a few of the book clubs around Sydney. What do they read, why they have book clubs, and how to join them.

The Hipster Muslim Book Club (est. 1434 Hijri) is the first book club we cover, one in which I (Nasser Alkhateeb) is part of, is very new. We have only read two books and are choosing our third title this week. The two times we met to discuss our chosen titles were quite enjoyable and very beneficial as well in discovering themes and angles of those books I would not have found myself.

We also speak to sister Dounia about her “lazy person’s book club” where a number of sisters meet every so often to discuss chapters of a book rather than the whole book, that way giving themselves more time to appreciate each chapter. The current book they’re reading is Tareq Ramadan’s “The messenger”

Finally we speak to sister Inshirah who has been running her book club for more than 2 years. About 8-10 mothers meeting every month to read a diverse selection of books, fiction and non fiction, Islamic and otherwise. Their previous book was “The Book Thief” and the book they’re reading now is Yasmin Mogahed’s “Reclaim your heart”

If you’d like more information about any of those book clubs or like information about how to establish book clubs, contact us 


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