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Sydney, Australia
Tuesday nights, 8pm. on QKradio

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Hira Conference 2013 with Mehmet Ozalp

Brother Mehmet Ozalp is the president of ISRA in Sydney. He is currently completing his PhD in Islamic studies at the university of Sydney.

He talks to us about the upcoming Hira conference (Saturday Feb 9th 2013). Its beginnings, philosophy and the speakers who are going to present in it.

In partnership with Hira Magazine, ISRA presents the 2013 Hira Conference with distinguished international speakers exploring the theme “The Way of the Prophet: From ideal human to ideal society” – 9th of February.

I strongly urge everyone to go to it inshallah. It will be a worthy conference to go to.

You can also download the podcast here

You can get more information about the conference here as well