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Posted by on Mar 23, 2013 in 2013, Featured, Shows and Interviews, The Alchemy of Truth | 0 comments

#Cairo trip | #ThinkTanks

We start our third season of the Alchemy of Truth by covering Cairo through a trip Nasser Alkhateeb took in February. This was not a discussion with a political analyst or a journalist’s account of the corridors of power in Egypt. Rather these are personal reflections on the people of Cairo during a short visit during February. Post Arab Spring Cairo while suffering from the current political and security issues.

You can check out the photography here. 

We also speak to Asma Fahmi and Dr Gabrielle Meranci about Think Tanks and their potential for the community.

We also got to meet with rising local fashion designer Omar Alrawi who’s new range of mens shoes is out now.

You can stream the show here

Or you can download the podcast here