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Sydney, Australia
Tuesday nights, 8pm. on QKradio

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About Us

The Alchemy is quite a young establishment with different names and hosts. We started around mid 2011 with a few shows and one host. The original name of the show was “Friday Night Live”.

Ours is not a long history, the initial idea for the show started when the founder, Nasser Alkhateeb , took over hosting a weekly Arabic language program on QKradio, Sydney’s other Islamic radio station.

It was a great experience and it gave Nasser a working knowledge of operating a studio, however he wanted something more relevant, more practical, an English language program that caters to Australian Muslims, a program that tackles current events, history, politics, religion etc… Something he would want to listen to himself.

The first manifestation of the Alchemy was called Friday Night Live, and though it ran infrequently and with less than ten episodes. It paved the way to something better thought out, something with a brand, cohosts and facebook fans. The name “The Alchemy of Truth” was thanks the two first cohosts, Amer Sari and Sarwa Abdel Raheem.

Since then we’ve interviewed local and international stars and starlets, thinkers, covered (lightly) controversial topics, and learned a lot at the process.